30 Day Fitness Challenge

Get healthier in 30 days with 30 day fitness challenges! Works with Google Fit.

Workout at home without equipment. Our 30 Day Fit app workout tracker includes 3D animated video instructions. Works with Google Fit.

30 Day Fitness Challenge is based on the Scientific Biorhythm Theory! Any regular recurring motion or rhythm can influence a person's life and affect abilities in the Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual cycles. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biorhythm

Free high quality 3D workout challenges: 30 day ab challenge 30 day squat challenge 30 day plank challenge 30 day pushup challenge

Purchasable features to help support us :) 30 day beach body challenge Create your own customized challenges • Jumping Jacks • Abs • Wall Sit • Squat • Burpee • Plank • Lunge • Pushup • Side Plank • more than 50 exercises...

Download this 30 Day Fitness Challenge app now to get motivated, burn fat, lose weight, get fit, and get your biorhythm on track in only 30 days!

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